Winter Storage Pricing

Boats with no trailers (excluding pontoons) + $150 for special Handling

Boats with no trailer over 9000 lbs. + $250 for special Handling

Winterization Prices Include Summerization Cost


Winterize Jet-Ski: $99      If Oil Change for 4 stroke Jet-Ski: Seadoo - $165

                                                                                              Yamaha - $175 

Jet Boat - $195 per motor for winterization and oil change per motor

Basic Winterize: Outboard - $160 + Fluids

Full Winterize: Outboard - $378 

Basic Winterize: I/O’s and Inboards - $279.18 Includes Fluids

Basic winterization includes: Stabilize Fuel, Fog Motor and Check All Fluids. Plus fluids: fuel fogging oil, and marine anti-freeze.

Full Service Winterize most I/O’s and Inboards

$495 + Fluids

Full service winterization includes: Prepare engine and drive for winter. Change engine oil and filter. Change water separator (if equipped). Remove out drive, check engine alignment, grease universals, change drive oil, grease external fittings. Plus: Parts & Fluids

Parts: 5 Qt Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Water Separator, Outdrive Gasket Set, High Performance Gear Lube, Fuel Fogging Oil, Marine Anti-freeze


Special Services

Winterize Fresh Water: $60 + Anti-Freeze

Winterize Water Heater: $30 + Anti-Freeze

Winterize Head: $50 + Anti-Freeze

Winterize A/C: $60 + Anti-Freeze

Winterize Generators: $50 + Anti-Freeze